Dan Raviv


Prior to assuming the presidency of Compass Ventures and serving as active Compass representative in Israel, Mr. Raviv served for many years as Special Advisor to Las Vegas Sands and Sands China as head of global media, promoting Macau and Singapore around the globe, and overseeing a network of PR and production companies throughout Asia and Europe. Prior to Sands, Mr. Raviv served as Chief US correspondent and political correspondent of Israeli TV in Washington and New York, covering the State Department, the Pentagon and the White House on a daily basis, and also as Head of the Tel Aviv office of the Israeli TV news department. Mr. Raviv is also the producer of dozens of documentaries broadcasted in the world’s major TV stations, and bears very extensive international experience as a political correspondent in Israel and as an international correspondent for world TV stations such as the BBC Foreign Services and the UN TV. Mr. Raviv enjoys multi-level political and nonpolitical personal contacts with the Israeli political arena and with the most prominent business figures in the Israeli business arena. True to his belief in the ties between China and Israel, Mr. Raviv also served for many years as the active chairman of the China Israel Friendship Council. Mr. Raviv published 8 books so far, discussing his extensive knowledge regarding the jewish culrute, backed up with amazing facts.

Compass Ventures Group is the home for dozens of Israeli groundbreaking technologies that are being offered to our partners around the globe. But even the experts of Compass are astonished to daily meet the variety and out of the box innovations that are offered to Compass to conquer the market.

Israel has the biggest per capita number of innovations and innovators and the Israelis are descendants of generations of their forefathers that made so many achievements in many out of the box fields.

The founders of Compass decided to ask one of them, the co-founder and President of the company, Dan Raviv, to use his former years ‘experience as an international radio and television correspondent and documentaries producer all over the globe to write a documentary book about Israelis breaking the metrix by endless thoughts out of the box. The one book extended to a series of 6 in order to assist companies and people around the globe that Compass is in touch with to better understand the drive and way of thinking of Israelis coming to think originally and out of the box and conquer so many fields for the good of people including sending the smallest ever spacecraft that landed on the moon.

The series The Mystery of the Jewish Mind is telling the stories and trying to answer the question of how does such a small minority victim of pogroms and Holocaust breed world leaders in many fields.

The books are about achievements throughout history in fields like Nobel Prize laureates, creating the Hollywood industry, being world technology innovators, big philanthropes, influential leaders and creators of the State of Israel against all odds and even how would the world be in the year 2050 due to innovations of the Jewish mind in technology.

This series of books was already published in Chinese by the leading Chinese Tsinghua University Press and with the contacts of Compass around the globe will be soon available in many other languages while the English version is already being ready.

Compass sees her task not only as a technology investor and provider but also in a way carrying the advancement of out of the box thinking to the world.

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