Israeli Art

Get inspired by the power of Israeli art

Israel is home to a very rich local artistic scene which includes Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Film, Literature and much more.

ARTS - With many important museums are spread all over the country, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world, with millions of visitors per year.

MUSIC - The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is world-renowned around the playing both in and out of Israel, while almost every city in Israel has its own orchestra and musicians.

DANCE - Folkdancing is Israel’s popular dance, while being home to many modern dance companies, including the Batsheva Dance Company, which is highly acclaimed in the dance world.

THEATER - Located at the heart of Tel-Aviv, Habima is Israel’s National Theatre established as early as 1917 and leading the local scene with Israel’s most talented shows and actors.

LITERATURE - Israeli literature is widely translated around the world with many Israeli writers achieving international recognition and being translated to many languages, including Amos Oz, an Israeli writer and novelist who has received many prestigious awards such as the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize and the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature.

FILM - Many Israeli actors and filmmakers have won prestigious awards at international film festivals in recent years including Israeli movie director Guy Nattiv, who won an Oscar for his Oscar for best live action short film for his movie.

Featured Artist

Dan Raviv

Prior to assuming the presidency of Compass Ventures and serving as active Compass representative in Israel, Mr. Raviv served for many years as Special Advisor to Las Vegas Sands and Sands China as head of global media, promoting Macau and Singapore around the globe, and overseeing a network of PR and production companies throughout Asia and Europe. Prior to Sands, Mr. Raviv served as Chief US correspondent and political correspondent of Israeli TV in Washington and New York, covering the State Department, the Pentagon and the White House on a daily basis, and also as Head of the Tel Aviv office of the Israeli TV news department. Mr. Raviv is also the producer of dozens of documentaries broadcasted in the world’s major TV stations, and bears very extensive international experience as a political correspondent in Israel and as an international correspondent for world TV stations such as the BBC Foreign Services and the UN TV. Mr. Raviv enjoys multi-level political and nonpolitical personal contacts with the Israeli political arena and with the most prominent business figures in the Israeli business arena. True to his belief in the ties between China and Israel, Mr. Raviv also served for many years as the active chairman of the China Israel Friendship Council. Mr. Raviv published 8 books so far, discussing his extensive knowledge regarding the jewish culrute, backed up with amazing facts.

Featured Artist

David D’or

World-renowned singer, songwriter, composer and fine artist David D’or believes in connections. Whether reaching out with love and acceptance to all with his breathtaking and unique four-octave voice or touching hearts and minds with his artistic works that go beyond the superficial definitions that separate people, D’or is determined to connect the world with his passion and creativity.

Featured Artist

IDC – Moriah

The Moriah Collection is the flagship collection of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC). The Moriah Collection was created in order to share the deep significance of the Jerusalem Stone. Originating from the world's spiritual center, the Jerusalem Stone has been transformed into inspirational artifacts – physically keeping the Holy City close to one’s heart.