BEIJING, January 18th, 2018 – The Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing, China, hosted today a conference about “The secret of hundred times return of cross-broader angel investment” which focused on how to innovate in the capital investment world, from a global perspective.

The event was organized by the Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA) and was attended by Beijing’s leading investment companies, multinational companies, company founders and a range of local and international angel investors.

Invited to participate and speak at the forum were Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures, Dr. Li Likai, Founder and Managing Partner of Yunyun Capital, Mr. Xiao Jiancong, Founder of Everest Capital, Mr. Alec Main, CEO of Space Mobile Technology, and Mr. Chen Zhao, Managing Partner of Plug and Play.

During the session, Dr. Dagon, formerly a Senior Executive at the World Bank and an advisor to the Israeli Minister of Economy, presented his professional view on how to succeed when investing in the Chinese market given his fund management and investment expertise. As Chairman of Compass Ventures Group, a leader in investing and managing leading technology projects worldwide, Dr. Dagon shared his experience in investing in in the Chinese market. Dr. Dagon explained how Compass Ventures has managed to build a “winning network” in the local market comprised of excellent connections and relations with the local government, China’s top academies, research centers and many local leading technology companies.

“As a fund manager, I can openly say there is no doubt that China has more potential than we realize. In today’s world, having an economic macro outlook on global economy is crucial, however one cannot ignore the importance of truly understanding the local Chinese market, its potential and complexities. This is why Compass Ventures has taken the time over the years to build friends and bridges across a multitude of sectors, bringing together China’s leading minds, decision makers and investors, to ensure we are all thinking together as one team about the best investment strategy. The best strategy that will play out not only as a win-win for all, but as a truly influential and differential investment that we could all look back at and know the profits were not only financial, but a real game changer to our society, our quality of life and our safety.”

Dr. Dagon also mentioned the importance of looking long-term and understanding the trends of innovation and technology, and where the market is going. “There is a real shift in how we look and invest in companies. Understanding the rise and potential of upcoming technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and how it affects the future of Robotics, Internet of Things and Fintech makes a real difference. As an investor, you want to be ahead of the trend, and leading our investment strategy by focusing on technological innovation across a range of sectors and markets enables us to do just that.”

About ZVCA

The Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association has for mission to provide a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to create a value-added environment. The association includes over 1000 members, leads over 500 different projects in collaboration with hundreds of partners. The association is active in leading and organizing key industry events to bring the community closer and improve the quality of exchanges between different investors and business entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit: www.zvca.org

About Dr. Ronen Dagon

Dr. Ronen Dagon began his career in 1984, as the Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister of Economy, under Prime Minister Mr. Shimon Peres team. During the 1990s, Dr. Dagon was engaged by the World Bank as a senior manager and Consultant in Central European, Eastern European, and CIS countries, where he oversaw the successful establishment of leading initiatives. These include the execution of pension system legislation in Romania; various energy related projects in Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan and Turkey; Telecommunications projects in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan; and Medical and Social insurance projects in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. Prior to establishing the Compass Ventures Global Group, Dr. Dagon served as a principal investor and operating executive in several international investment banking entities that involved the acquisition, growth or disposition of a number of companies in the financial and Insurance/Reinsurance services, mining, infrastructure and healthcare sectors. In recent years Dr. Dagon gained extensive experience in China and Africa where he was involved in the financing and execution of a variety of infrastructure projects. As Chairman of Compass Venture Group, Dr. Dagon has been active in the past years in fund management and investment projects in China, in the field of consulting, project financing, and technology transfer between China and Israel across a range of technology sectors including green tech, agro tech, energy, medical tech, homeland security, IOT and safe and smart cities.

About Compass Ventures Group

Compass Ventures Group is a leading holding group specializing in investing and managing leading technology projects around the globe while also specializing in fund management. Compass was founded by former senior World Bank and world-class executives, each bringing unique global exposure and expertise with extensive business experience and know-how which form the key pillars of Compass’ vision and success. The global Compass network is strategically spread-out across leading and target markets, differentiating Compass by its multinational reach and ease of building ties in any market. With a large-scale portfolio of business contacts, experts, and key market leaders, Compass is a leading innovation expert across a wide range of sectors: environmental protection, water, green technology, security, automotive, medical, security, smart city, safe city and additional high-tech fields.