Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s President received in his Presidential House in Jerusalem Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures, Mr. Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University and Mrs. Yuan Wei, President of TusHoldings.

Israel’s President stated the importance of Compass Venture’s vision and its ongoing collaboration and contribution to the Israeli “Start Up Nation” market. He also congratulated Tsinghua University for its great accomplishments by working alongside Israel’s leading universities and partnering closely on strategic technological investments with Compass Ventures Group, which is known for its strong ties and wide reach in both the Israeli and Chinese markets.   President Rivlin stated that “This is a collaboration that would benefit both countries on both the short and long term”

Israeli President hosts the Compass Ventures, Tsinghua University and TusHoldings delegations at the President House in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures, discussed the unique and strong partnership that Compass Ventures Group has with TusHoldings, mentioning their collaboration on a range of projects such as the creation of unique innovation platforms, mutual investment funds, and the creation of technological science parks.

Compass Ventures, Tsinghua University and Tus delegations at the Israeli President House.